I agree! The reason why, though

It a solid show, but I think the issue is longevity. The first episode you watch, it like “wow this is such a hilarious concept!” But, after a few episodes, it kinda like “yeah ok, I get the trope.” They often revert to the same comedic devices about truth and lies. Someone will stall for time, then someone points out they are stalling for time.

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canadian goose jacket That is, people complaining about fishy smell seem REALLY angry, which feels a bit out of proportion with the actual of heating up fishy lunch. And it makes me wonder what else is factoring in? Like, this is really what you going to get worked up about in life? A smell that you can walk away from and that will dissipate in like 20 minutes max? I know the OP uses over expression of anger for comedic effect, but there are some people responding below that seem pretty serious about how angry they are. That hilarious that you think that canadian goose jacket.

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