It like if a guy was put on the street yelling vile disgusting

Dynasties are great for sports. The best want to play with the best, and fans love to love or hate them. Any sport played at its highest level to perfection is awesome to watch. So tennis ranking is based off of points earned in tournement placings. Once a tournement has started its points given last year will be removed from eberyones rankings. Andy Murray has been out because of an injury and missed many many tourneys.

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Typically my TV watching happens on the weekends. Sometimes in the evenings, though I travel a lot will be working. As far as planning, I might plan out watching football on a Saturday or Sunday, otherwise it largely on a whim when I happen to have time to kill and feel like TV..

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Currently the GOP is wrong. Very, very wrong. And people need to jump ship until they get their act straight. EDIT 3: It so weird to me that by virtue of it being a Marvel movie, automatically, going wholesale astros jerseys by some of the comments here, we not allowed to even consider the possibility that this movie was a masterpiece. Endgame managed to invoke feelings in me that very, very few films have managed to do. It made me mourn for a character as though I lost someone near to me.

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